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What are threads and how do I create them?

Threads are polls that can be created within a mix. Users thus have the opportunity to express their opinions and preferences.
Through threads, you as the operator foster a sense of participation and belonging among users. They provide an additional level of interaction and discussion with other community members.
By participating in polls, users can help tailor content and features to better meet their needs.
Overall, surveys in community apps provide a strategic way to gather information, engage the community, and ultimately optimize products or services that benefit both operators and users. It creates an interactive dialogue between platform providers and their target audience, fosters a stronger community, and helps create a positive experience within the app.

To create a thread, select a mix, which fits the content of the survey you have chosen.
Under "New" you can select the thread.
Under Title enter your question and make sure to use open questions which are user relevant.

You can still make the following settings:

Show user in app: Should the user who created the mix be shown in the post?

Enable comments for this card: Should readers of the mix be able to comment on the content?

Show Emoji Reactions in this Card: Should readers of posts published in the mix have the ability to react to the content with emojis?

Update timestamp based on comments: Should posts published in the mix automatically get the timestamp of the last comment when new comments are made

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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