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How do I add users?

In the back-end, under Editors and Readers, you can add users to the channel depending on which role (editor/reader) you want to give the one to load.
You can find more information about the different roles of the users here:

Now you can invite the users by mail. To do this, enter the e-mail address and the name.
Under "Add more" you can enter more email addresses.
Under "Add more" you can also invite the users with the help of a list. To do this, click on the text field and the necessary format will be displayed.

Under Add reader you will also find a filter in the upper right corner. Under "User has not yet opened the app", you can check which users have not yet opened the app for invitations that have already been sent.
Under "Last seen" you can see which users were last active in the app.
There is also the possibility to assign the role "Editor Limited" as well.

Under Editors there is no filter that contains insight about users' activity.
However, a special feature is the possibility to invite and add administrators as well.

Under Inform new users by mail, send the invitation by mail (recommendation). Otherwise you would have to inform the users in another way that they can register on the platform with your mail address.

If you are the administrator of a channel, you also have access to the administration dashboard. Here you have an overview of all administrators.

Under Channels you can create and name new channels.

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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