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How do I create a mix?

In the left column of the back-end, go to Content and select Mixes. Click New Mix. 1.

Give the mix a title. For example, a specific topic to contribute content to.

Add an intro that briefly summarizes the content of the mix. 3.

Add an image that is both appealing and thematically appropriate to the topic.

Recommendation: Try to keep the format of the image and the type of image (animated, photo) of different mixes consistent.

now you can make various settings:

Display in app feed: Should the mix and the content published in it flow into the app feed?

Display in the news feed of the web app: Should the mix and the content published in it flow into the feed of the web app?

Display in Mix Tab 1 and Mix Tab 2: The difference and how it works are explained in the following article:

Display user in app: Should the user who created the mix be displayed in the post?

Enable comments for this card: Should readers of the mix be able to comment on the content?

Display emoji reactions in this card: Should readers of posts published in the mix have the ability to react to the content with emojis?

Update timestamp based on comments: Should posts published in the mix automatically get the timestamp of the last comment when a new comment is made

Sync Position Content in Read-Only Mixes: You have the option to sync mixes in other channels. The synchronized mix is then displayed in the new
channel as Read-Only Mix and can only be changed in the original channel. If you change the order of the
of the content is changed here, the position can be changed automatically also in the synchronized mix by this setting.

Editor Limited may post + Readers may post: Give users of the app the ability to post content, as opposed to the administrative defaults.
post. Read more about the different designations and permissions here:

Display as horizontal slider module: Mixes can optionally be displayed as a horizontally running feed. If this option is used, you can select the position in the
News Feed (1 will be displayed at the top of the feed).

Comments on cards: If you allow comments under the content, you can additionally choose whether the comment with the most likes, the first
comment under the content, or a comment you choose (Manual) to be displayed under the post.

Do not allow duplicates in this mix: Select at what interval you want to check if there is identical content in the mix, or if
this should be checked at all.

Teaser style: Select in which format content should be displayed in the mix. Familiarize yourself with the formats and choose the appropriate one. The
Standard Teaser is recommended.

Mix connect to: This option creates a new section in the app that is easily accessible by an icon in the navigation bar. The mix will be displayed exclusively
displayed under this area. If the mix is pinned in the channel, this area will only be displayed in that channel. If the mix is pinned in the
If the mix is pinned in the organization, this area also appears across channels.
Recommendation: If you pin the mix in one channel, it is recommended to pin other mixes in other channels as well, otherwise the area will remain
will remain empty.

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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