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Mix Tabs and Pinned Mix - How does it work?

Mixes can be displayed differently in the app. There are three different ways to do this, which are explained here.

Display in Mix Tab 1: Mix Tab 1 is displayed in both the app and the web app as a second module in the navigation bar next to the feed. Here the
the mix is displayed and, when selected, only the content published in this mix is shown. This allows users to access content in a more
access to content. If multiple mixes are displayed, Mix Tab 1 serves as a kind of category collection.

Display in Mix Tab 2: The Mix Tab 2 has the same function as the Mix Tab 1. It shows all Mixes which are uploaded in the navigation bar next to the
Mix Tab 1 and thus displays another collection of mixes.

Pinned Mix The Pinned Mix is the alternative to the Mix Tab 2. If a Mix is pinned in the channel or the organization, a window is opened in the navigation bar next to the
Mix Tab 1.
Tab 1 in the navigation bar. This setting can be found in the corresponding Mix under "Connect Mix to". The big difference to Mix Tab 2 is
that the Pinned Mix does not act as a kind of mix collection, but the content of the pinned mixes will go through here like in the News Feed.

Notes: Mix Tab 2 and Pinned Mix both occupy the third position of the navigation bar and therefore cannot exist in parallel.
The icons and wording for the navigation bar can be changed in the back-end under Settings.

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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