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How can I create an article myself?

To write and publish an article yourself, go to "New" in the desired mix and select "Long post".
In the window that opens, you can write a text. Using the + symbol on the left side, you can also create tables, images, external links, checklists, quotes or callouts.
The Long Post is also used to make internal or editorial topics available to users.
Under Save and back to teaser you can define how the article should be displayed to the users. Image, source or abstract can be important elements here.
You also have the following things you can set:

Show user in app: Should the user who created the article be displayed in the post?

Enable comments for this card: Do you want readers of the article to be able to comment on the content?

Display Emoji Reactions in this Card: Should readers of the published post have the ability to react to the content with emojis?

Update timestamp based on comments: Should the published post automatically get the timestamp of the last comment for new comments

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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