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What are cards or posts in the app?

Content in tchop is always displayed on so-called maps. Basically there are three different types of maps:

native maps
web maps

Maps always consist of a teaser and a detail page. Users click on the teaser to get to the detail page.

Native maps - "short post"

Native cards offer the possibility to store a source, headline, reader (teaser text) as well as a media format such as image, video, audio, PDF or a livestream in the teaser. These elements will be displayed on the map in the newsfeed.
After clicking the "read more" button, users are taken to the details page, which can contain text of up to 20,000 characters and rudimentary formatting (bold, underlined, italic, hyperlink).

Native cards - "long post"

The long post behaves on the teaser like the short post. However, users can design the detail page extensively with various elements such as images, image galleries, quotes, blocks, separator lines, and more. For longer more comprehensive posts, this is the appropriate format.

Native Cards - "Thread Map"

Threads are a great way to ask short questions to your audience and effectively pick up feedback. The post is visually highlighted and prominently displayed in the app in a colored speech bubble. Users then have the opportunity to provide feedback via the comment feature.
The thread map can be compared to the classic forum format.

Web maps - Article URL

Web maps are always linked to a URL to an article on the internet. When creating the maps, a publicly accessible URL must be stored in the map. tchop then looks at the web page and loads a title image, the headline and a reader (teaser text) from there and creates a map teaser from it. The teaser can be customized manually.
Clicking on the teaser opens the web view of the app and displays the page behind the URL.
To provide visual variety in the app, there are four different teaser formats for web maps:

Standard (Image, Headline, Reader).
Small (small image on top right, headline next to it, reader below)
Small without teaser (only small image on the right and headline next to it, no reader)
Large without teaser (only title image with headline in the image, no reader)

Web Cards - Social Cards

tchop integrates social media content with a special teaser format that lets users know at first glance that it is a social post. The cards directly carry the information from which social network (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) the post was integrated. Clicking on the card opens the actual post in the web view of the app.

With selected content, users have the opportunity to interact with the content. Either with a reaction such as a "Like" or with a comment. Both functions are offered at the bottom of the map.

Optionally, the content of a map can also be shared with other people via a "Share" icon (bottom right corner of the map) using third-party apps. The availability of the function may vary from app provider to app provider.

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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