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How do I download the app?

Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) offer various options for downloading the app. The most common option is the classic download from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

If you have received a link to an app in the Play Store or App Store, click it and go to the desired page in the corresponding store.
There you will find a button "Download". Click this and confirm the download. The app will now be automatically installed on your smartphone.

For example, if you have been invited to download an app by a company (e.g. for an employee app), there is a high probability that the app will not be made available via the public App Store. Apple provides for the distribution of internal apps (without the possibility of registration for everyone) the download via a so-called redemption link. You will receive this link with the app invitation. Clicking on the link first opens the iTunes Store app, in which the coupon code contained in the download link is redeemed. The iTunes Store app then automatically triggers the actual app download from the App Store app. The app installs itself on your phone without any further action.

3. Installation via an MDM

If you are using a smartphone managed by your company's IT, it is possible that the app will be played directly on your phone by IT.
For questions about this, please contact your corporate IT directly.

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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