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Where can I make which settings in the app?

The app's settings can be found behind the gear icon at the top right of the screen.

Users can access the system settings of the smartphone for push notifications there.
In addition, all links to the legal information such as privacy policy, terms of use or the imprint of the app provider can be found there.
For some company apps, for example, the so-called "Bring Your Own Device" regulation, or BYOD for short, can also be found here.

Below the legal information, there is the option to receive support if necessary. By default, two e-mail forms are stored here:

General Support
Technical support

In addition, some public apps have a button for inviting other people via a third app, such as Mail, WhatsApp or Messenger.

At the bottom of the settings page you will also find the current version number of the app.

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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