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How does the chat in the app work?

In apps that have the chat function enabled, users will find the chat function in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Depending on the app offer, the chat can be used in different formats:

1:1 direct chat

Classic chat function in which two users write messages to each other.
Other users do not see the chat or its content.

Creating 1:1 direct chats

1:1 chats can be opened under the chat icon in the navigation bar by clicking the "Start chat" icon.
After clicking on the "Start chat" icon, users will see a list of available other users with whom they can start a 1:1 chat. After clicking on the name of a user the 1:1 chat opens.

Public chat groups

Public groups are open for all users to join and take part in the group.
Users can also leave the group.

Private chat groups

Private chat groups can be found and seen in the app only by participants of the chat group.
Other users will not see the group.

"Read only" groups

"Read only groups are similar to public chat groups, but users can only read along, while users defined by the administration can exchange information in the group.
Users can join or leave "Read only" groups at any time.


Broadcast chats behave similar to distribution lists of newsletters: a group of users receives the same chat message, but as a 1:1 direct message, not in the group. This makes it easy to create direct chats with a large number of users. E.g. for a welcome message or similar.

Creating chat groups

The creation of chat groups is reserved for administrators of the app and can not be done in the app but only via the connected backend.

Chat functions

In addition to the classic writing of messages, files such as images or videos, web URLs or content from the app can also be shared via the chat.
Users can respond to messages from other users. Other users can be mentioned in a message.
In addition, three dots are visible at the bottom of the chat window when the chat partner is typing a message. If the chat partner has read my message, the check mark next to the message is displayed twice as a read confirmation.

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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