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How do I share content in the app?

tchop offers a very simple, native way to create and publish all kinds of content directly in the app. Users with the appropriate rights can open their own module via the button in the newsfeed (or also from individual sections) "Add content". All types of posts can be created using this module:

text contributions
Images or image galleries (with text)
Article cards
Social media posts (Twitter etc.)

All content can be edited, commented or simply published directly. Even the different layout types for the teaser can be selected.

Users who have access to multiple channels or sections can of course also choose where to post content. Even scheduling posts is possible. Or even saving the post - without publishing it.

By the way, we offer the same functionality via app extension from other apps! Share content, images, videos and links as usual from other apps (without leaving the app).

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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