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How is usage data collected in the web app?

As in the mobile apps, we also collect usage data in the web app in a privacy-friendly manner. We use the open source technology of Matomo, which meets the full requirements of strict European data protection. For this purpose, IP addresses are anonymized as required (IPMasking). We have full control over the data, which is processed on our own server.

We use a tracking method that does not use cookies and is instead based on an ID generated from various values. This ID cannot be linked to a user on the tchop platform. In addition, the digital fingerprint is changed on a daily basis. Tracking user behavior over several days - or websites - is also not possible.

This method also does not allow any conclusions to be drawn between a user in the mobile app or the web app. These are technically two separate identities that cannot be connected at any point (from a technical point of view, this may be a disadvantage in terms of analysis, but from our point of view it is the right way to go in terms of data protection.

Like the data from the mobile apps, the usage data from the web app is made available on a special data dashboard and can be analyzed there using various values.

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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