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How can I highlight a single section in the News Feed?

Sometimes you want to highlight a certain section in the News Feed, i.e. in the central visible area of the app. This can be for a limited time, e.g. to accompany the content of a company meeting or also with regard to another current event. For this, tchop offers a simple, very dynamic solution.

Each section can optionally be displayed as a horizontal slider module in the news feed. This creates variety for your app users and gives the content a special weight.

A maximum of 15 cards can be displayed in this module.

Horizontal Slider Module](

The setting can be easily changed in the dashboard in the setting of each mix. The module can be used completely dynamically, no app update is necessary.

There is also the possibility to place the module on any position in the news feed. If you want to place the slider at the top of the visible area, this is just as easy as placing it at the bottom. This way, you can also include several modules to highlight different topics with such sliders.

The important thing is: this module can display any kind of map or content. Visually, however, it looks best if the content all has an image and a headline of somewhat equal length. Otherwise it can come to not sooo nice white spaces. So it is recommended to exercise a little more editorial care and control here.

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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