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What options does the settings section of the organisation provide?

Settings section at the organisation level provides the opportunity to the organisation owner and admin to adjust and manage some organisation related data and general settings for better user engagement. Users who have access to the organisation can manage the language settings, organisation name, the URL of their organisation and find other technical data regarding the organisation. 

Below find the description of each section available in the settings tab explaining what the user can do with it:

General: Here the Organisation owner and admin can

Change the name of their organisation
Change the URL of their organisation (Not recommended as it might have irreversible consequences)
Change the language of their organisation and referring invitation email languages

Apps: Here you can link your Android and iOS apps as well as hockey test apps which will be then linked to the invitation emails sent to the users. Linking your native apps to the organisation is highly recommended as it allows the user to download your app directly from the invitation email without the need to search the app over Apple or Google play store.

Staff only: This section can only be accessed by the ''Organisation Owner'' as it contains some confidential information related to the native apps which might affect the performance of the entire organisation.

Danger Zone: This section can only be accessed by the ''Organisation Owner''. Here you can delete the entire organisation and all the related data with it. We highly discourage you to not enter this section and delete the organisation. Because once deleted, the action cannot be undone and you will lost all the data related to your organisation.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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