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What is organisation level and what is it's purpose?

tchop let´s you easily connect users with relevant content feeds and channels. This can be managed dynamically via our dashboard in an easy and flexible way. But the administration of larger number of users in multiple number of channels became a bit unhandy by time. The navigation between multiple channels was only possible through the tchop profile page. And the management of users was limited to the selected channel only.

That´s why we have significantly improved that and at the same time also extended the options for administration.

At the heart of this major upgrade we introduce a new level, the "organisation". An organisation can include an unlimited amount of channels and users. It makes the management of content and access rights within that organisation much more efficient.

Selected users can be entitled as administrators of the organisation and thereby have access to a new dashboard. On the organisation dashboard administrator have multiple options:

Invite users to organisation, so that users have direct access to all channels of the organisation (see tab “Administration”)
Set up of new channels within the organisation or administrate existing channels of the organisation (see tab “Channels”)
Change roles of users within one specific or several selected channels (see tab “Users”)
Administration of all users of an organization including the option to assign users to dedicated channels

Managing the organisational level is easy going and based on the known principles within a channel itself. First client feedbacks are very positive and have stressed our beliefs that this makes the administration of multiple channels way easier and more efficient.

Additionally, within the dashboard of a channel, administrators and editors have the option to switch between channels by a drop down menu. This is also very easy to work with and immediately of use.

The menu is dynamic and shows all channels within the organisation available for a user at that very moment.

For new clients, who are starting only with one channel, there is not much of a change yet. The organisation is exclusively for clients who run several channels within one brand, company or an organisation. organisational level will be set up for you by your tchop customer care team who will also get in touch with you about that shortly.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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