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How do I read the app content?

Start reading the content created especially for you:

Reading content in the app is easy and fun to do.

The content is divided up into MIXES for you to swipe, scroll, browse and click through. 

Open the app and log in with your Email and Password.
If you are a reader of one channel, you will automatically arrive to that channel's first MIX.
If you are a reader to more than one channel, you will automatically see your channel list.
Choose the channel you wish to read, and you will arrive to that channel's first MIX.
Swipe right and left through the MIXES and scroll up and down through the CARDS.
To view the full list of contents of that channel go to "Menu" and then to "All MIXES" where you can choose the MIX you wish to start reading. (The app menu button is bottom left for iPhone and top left for Android)
You can click on the images to enlarge and view, click on articles to open and read and click on videos to watch.

A MIX is a main topic section filled with related content articles. You can see what MIX you are reading from the counter at the bottom of the screen.

CARDS are the content articles that fill up each MIX. They are made up of Company News, Images, Texts and URLs to web articles and videos.

Browse through each MIX by swiping right and left.

Read through the CARDS by scrolling up and down.

Got it?

Swipe right and left. Scroll up and down. Click through and read.

See we told you it's fun to use!

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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