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How can I manage channels within organisation level?

With the help of organisation level, you can easily manage multiple channels through the ''Channels'' tab. It's simple, reliable and quick way of managing existing channels and adding new channels to your organisation. Please follow the simple steps described below to add channels, to remove channels or to navigate across channels within an organisation.

For adding new channels in the organisation:

Go to 'Channels' tab

Click on 'New Channel' button

Enter the name of the new channel.

Note: The channel name should be at least 3 characters long and should not be more than 24 characters including spaces. Please try to keep the channel name as unique as possible.


In case you see an error message stating that 'Subdomain does already exist', you can edit the subdomain by clicking on the 'pen' symbol available beside the subdomain URL

Note: Please use only English characters without spaces. The subdomain should be at least 3 characters long and should not be more than 24 characters.


Click 'Create Channel'

You will see the ''successfully created the channel'' message once the channel has been created and you can locate the new channel in the channel list.

For deleting channels from the organisation:

Warning: Channels once deleted is very hard to recover. So, please double check before deleting any channel from the organisation.

Go to 'Channels' tab

Search the name of the channel which you want to delete through our search function or manually.

Put your mouse over the channel. You will see a 'X' symbol at the end of the channel. Click on the 'X' symbol.

You will get an alert message asking to confirm your action. Click 'Ok' if you want to proceed deleting the channel. Click 'Cancel' if you wish not to delete the channel.

As soon as you click 'Ok', the channel will be removed from your organisation and you will no longer be able to access that channel.

For navigating between channels:

You can now easily navigate across channels within the channel dashboard where administrators and editors have the option to switch between channels by a drop down menu. This is also very easy to work with and immediately of use. The list is dynamic and shows all channels within the organisation available for a user at that very moment.

Alternatively, if you have access to organisation, you can find the comprehensive list of all the channels available in the organisation dashboard under the 'Channel' tab and you can access any of the channel by just clicking on it.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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