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Why my users or I are not receiving tchop emails?

There can be many reasons why you or your users are not receiving tchop emails. Some of the common reasons are:

User is already a part of tchop: Sometimes, user is already registered with tchop. In this case, if you chose NOT to notify existing users, you or your user will not receive any tchop emails. To know more about ‘Notify existing users’ option, check here: How do I notify/not notify an existing user about the invitation to the new channel?

Email went to spam folder: Many times tchop email goes to spam folder of the user depending on their email settings. Please check your spam/junk folder

Checking in the wrong email address: Sometimes user looks for the tchop email in their other email addresses. Please check that you are looking in the same email which is used at tchop.

Please write to us at in case the issue remains unresolved

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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