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What is a push notification?

So-called push messages are messages, that are displayed on the lock-screen and message centre of your smartphone.

You can receive a push notification either from apps you have installed on your smartphone or from your operating system itself.
Push Notes show special notification messages e.g. for received messages, missed calls or other
informations your phone wants you to receive and be aware of.

To receive a push note from our tchop app, you need to be logged in as a user (curator or reader)
of the channel, from which the push note is sent.

A Push Note consists of

Logo (customized Logo for Pro & Enterprise plan)

Maximum length of the text body is 360 characters.

You will have to approve the option to receive push notes from an app after installing the app.
You can always deny receiving push notes later in the settings of your smartphone. 

In our tchop App, you can disable push notes in the settings menu. 

In general push notes are a powerful tool to carry your information to the user.
But as always, powerful tools have to be handled with care, as there is nothing worse to
be dropped off this stream of messages on a user's smartphone.
Note: only use push notes when you really want to transport an important information.
Otherwise you end up being rated as spam quickly.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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