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What are the different integration options available at tchop?

tchop offers a growing selection of integrations that you can start working with right away. They cover a lot of ground:

RSS integration: The possibilities to combine RSS feeds with a smart structure of mixes are almost endless and enable you to set up the ultimate content curation machine. Import data of any RSS feed to dedicated mixes. Structure, curate, collect, then publish with one click. Easy peasy

Scraping integration: You want to import and follow new articles from a specific site?! Or even from your own resource without dealing with a serverside API? Then we have the perfect solution for you: Grab relevant links from any website and push them right into any mix inside your channel. Customize the perfect news reader with your preferred structure and set up with a few clicks.

Top News integration: Follow the national and international headlines of the most relevant publishers with this incredible integration. Based on  News API  you can choose between thousands of different sources from all around the world. Get latest news or most read articles. Live in any tchop™ mix. Don't miss what is important.

Twitter integration: Integrate tweets from selected users, define hashtags or search terms and import everything automatically into your tchop™ mixes. Make Twitter work for your content. Automatically publish or just collect, comment and publish the best pieces. It's all up to you.

Facebook integration: Integrate your own Facebook page with just a few clicks and make your own posts visible for everyone in your target audience automatically. Like this you can make your social content visible to users that might not have their own Facebook account.

Instagram integration: You are only a few clicks away from making your own Instagram posts visible for your target audience outside of the social network. Not everyone has an Instagram Account and with our Instagram Integration you provide your posts in an individual structure.

Youtube integration: Video is becoming an increasingly important format. Therefore, popular video-sharing websites like YouTube are a powerful tool that offer a lot of interesting content. With our Youtube integration you can implement new videos posted in any youtube channel into selected tchop™ mixes. And never again miss important clips.

Slack integration: Make Slack and tchop the perfect team with this integration: connect tchop™ with your favorite Slack channels and have any article, social media post or image forwarded right into a mix. Discuss content on Slack. Publish, curate and distribute with a few clicks through tchop™.

In case you are looking for some other integration which is not mentioned in the list above, feel free to write to us at and we can build it for you.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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