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What are CARDS and how do I create them?

Create your content cards using: URLs of articles, videos and gifs, write your own Texts and upload Images/videos.

tchop tip: You can let our RSS Feed function do all the work for you. Check out our FAQ "[How to integrate RSS Feeds and Slack posts to your Mixes](/hc/en-us/articles/115002205449-How-to-integrate-RSS-Feeds-and-Slack-posts-to-your-Mixes)"

You can create as many content cards as you want. Just drag and drop each card in the order you wish them to be displayed.

1. Create article CARDS using website URLs:

Add any URL you want to a CARD and tchop will automatically add the basic info for you: Image, Title and an Intro from that link. The great thing here is, you can edit all that automated content that comes with the url as you wish. You can change the image, title and intro. You have complete control over your content.

_tchop tip:_ Instantly add a url from the webpage you are reading, to a MIX or CARD using our Bookmarklet. Check out our FAQ: How do I set up the tchop browser bookmarklet to add content instantly? 

2. Wr**ite your own TEXT:**

Add your own headline and body text directly into the text editor from your dashboard by clicking on the text icon beside "CREATE A CARD".

3. Add an IMAGE:

Paste the Image url address or upload an image from your device by clicking on the Image/video icon beside "CREATE A CARD".

4. Add VIDEOs and GIFs:

Upload a video from your device by clicking on the Image/video icon beside "CREATE A CARD".

Alternatively, you can just add any URL of a video or a gif in the image/video field beside "CREATE A CARD". Once the media is parsed, just hit save.

To know more about the video cards, Check out our FAQ: Can I add videos and gifs to my channels?

_tchop tip:_ Instantly share an image, an article or a video from your mobile app to a MIX using our native sharing feature. Check out our FAQ: Can I share Images, Videos or Articles directly into the app using my phone?

6. Drag and drop your cards in the order you want them to be displayed in your app. See our gif demonstration below.

7. Click "SAVE".

Congratulations! You are now on your way to creating a content-full app.

Maybe not to be used -  Here's a gif demonstrating how easy it is to create your cards:

Creating a web article card using a url:

Drag and drop cards to the order you want displayed in the app:

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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