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I lost/forgot my Google Authenticator device. How do I login?

If you lose your Google Authenticator device - don’t worry we got you cover.

When you setup the 2FA for the first time, we sent an email with the subject ‘Tchop security’ in your registered email address with 10 backup code which you can use to bypass 2FA using that one time password so that you can reset your 2FA on a new device. In case you haven’t receive the email, please check your spam folder or contact us at To reset the GA:

Go to ‘’

Enter your valid credentials

Click on the ‘Don’t have Authenticator device'

Enter one of the back up codes provided in the email. Please note that one code is valid only for one-time.

Click on ‘Reset GA’ button

Scan the barcode or enter the key manually in the Google Authenticator app. You will get the key by clicking on ‘Can’t scan barcode' button

Enter the 6-digit OTP generated by Google Authenticator app in the space provided in the tchop platform

Click ‘Set up’ and confirm you action
Please note: You need to be quick while verifying the 6-digit code from the google authenticator device as the code expires after 30 seconds and you get a new code.

Once you have successfully reset your 2FA on a new device, you will receive an email from tchop with new back up codes and the old backup codes will become invalid. Please note that in the future, you can only login by entering the OTP generated by the newly set up Google Authenticator account.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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