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How to use the Scraping Integration?

You want to import and follow content and news from a specific site?! And not miss what's happening there, but also make it work for your own content communication?! Then we have the perfect solution for you: With our scraping integration you can grab relevant links from any website and push them right into any mix inside your channel. Publish, comment and filter what's relevant for your target group. Or just automatically publish and customize the perfect news reader with your preferred structure and set up.

How to set up a tchop Scraping Integration:

Log into your tchop account and select the channel you wish to make the integration connection.
From your dashboard side navigation, go to "Integrations".
Choose the option "Scraping Integration" and click on "CONNECT".

Choose again the Channel you wish to Integrate content to and click "AUTHORIZE"
Select the Mix where you want to create connection from the left navigation

Name your connection as you wish.
Paste the URL of the page you want to scrape on the space provided under the head "URL to scrape"
Now click on one of the article from the page you want to scrape
Copy the URL and Paste it on the space provided under the head "Link to extract"
Click "Test it" and you will see a list of similar URL's that are extracted from that page
Note: If the connection couldn't retrieve any links or show error, it means that the combination of links is not correct. Please enter the correct combination or contact us at and we can help you with that
Name the source of your card as per your preference or else the default source will be taken
Choose if you want the content to feed "From now on" or "last 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20"
Choose if you want the content to automatically publish. (If you prefer to review the contents before publishing, then disable this option and publish manually from your dashboard).
Choose if you want the Images from the content to be displayed
Select the teaser image style of the card. To know more about different teaser style in article card, check our FAQ: How to set different teaser style in an article card?
Hit SAVE. It could take up-to 10 minutes to see the feed in your app channel.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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