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How to use the Instagram Integration?

Integrate feeds from selected influencers automatically into your tchop mixes. Don´t miss any important photo or video. No doubt Instagram is the leading photo community. So why not leverage the creative output of the most relevant influencers from that platform? This integration let´s you import posts from any user and add them automatically into your tchop mixes. Automatically publish, comment or curate stunning photos or videos.

How to set up a tchop Instagram Integration:

Log into your tchop account and select the channel you wish to make the integration connection.
From your dashboard side navigation, go to "Integrations".
Choose the option "Instagram Integration" and click on "CONNECT".

Select the Mix where you want to create connection from the left navigation

Click on 'Login with Instagram' and login to your instagram account
Give tchop access to account which you want to connect
Please note: You can only connect instagram account where you are the owner.
After successful authorization: Choose if you want add content from now onwards or if you want to fetch latest content (2, 5, 10 or 20 latest posts)
Choose if you want the content to automatically publish. (If you prefer to review the contents before publishing, then disable this option and publish manually from your dashboard).
Hit SAVE. Refresh to see the feed in your app channel.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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