To activate/deactivate comment in cards within read-only mixes:

Click on the ‘read-only’ mix

Go to Source mix by clicking ‘Source mix’

Go to Edit mode of mix (if you want to activate comments in all cards of the mix) or card (if you want to activate comment only in that card

Enable/disable comment option

Click ‘Save’

To know more on how to activate/inactivate comment at mix and card level, check out our FAQs on  How to activate/inactivate comment in a card? and How to activate/inactivate comment for all cards in a mix?


You will only be directed to source mix if you have access to that channel/Mix. If you don’t have access, please ask the administrator of that channel to activate/inactivate comment.

All the comments will be synced between the target and source mix - meaning user will be seeing comments from both the target and source mix
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