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How do I register and set up my first channel?

You are new to tchop and want to try this cool platform!! You can signup for tchop absolutely free in the following ways:
Note: This is only for independent users who are visiting tchop for the first time without any invitation from their company. In case you have received an invitation from your company to signup, please check this FAQs:
For registration with signup link and email: How can I invite a user via email?

For registration with company id: How to on-board user via company ID?

Go to tchop website ( and click on ‘Signup’
Hint: You can directly go to Signup page by clicking on: _[]([ \n " class="csh-markdown csh-markdown-image">](<a href=;wkw5jh.png) \n " loading="lazy"/>_
Enter a channel name for your first channel
_Hint: In case, the channel name is already taken, try changing the subdomain by clicking on the ‘Pen’ icon below:

Enter your name, email and password

Read and accept our Terms and conditions.

Click ‘Register’

Check out for an email from tchop which will include the link to confirm your email. Click on the link. Hint: In case you didn’t receive any email from tchop, check this out: Why my users or I are not receiving tchop emails?

As soon as you confirm your email, you will need to login again with the registered email and password with tchop. Hint: In case you don’t remember your password, check this out: How do I reset my password?


After successfully logging in, you will land into your profile page ‘’ where you can manage your existing channel or create new channels

Your channels are automatically linked to the tchop native apps which are available for public. You can simply download the 'tchop' apps from the Appstore or from the following links below and start reading your content by logging in the app with the tchop credentials


Feel free to write to us at for any questions

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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