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How can I post content in tchop using tchop chrome browser extension?

tchop's Chrome extension is the easiest, fastest way to edit, save and distribute articles and social media posts in your own branded tchop app or on your embedded news wall.

After you have successfully installed the chrome browser extension, simply follow the following steps to post content:
Hint: How to install tchop chrome browser extension_._

Go to the source URL which you want to parse as a content card at tchop

Click on tchop icon shown in your chrome browser beside the URL field
Hint: You need to be logged in to the tchop platform to in the same browser window successfully to parse content by using chrome browser extension. You can login here: _[]([

After the content is parsed, make any changes if needed to the information displayed or simply click ‘Next'

Select the organization, channel and mix where you want to post the parsed content and also mark if the content should be automatically published and user should be displayed on the content or not.
Note: In case you are not able to post content in some channels/mixes, please check out the following link_._

After posting the content successfully, you can immediately check out the content in the tchop channel dashboard and mobile apps (if the content is published)

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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