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How can I invite a user via email?

There are 2 ways of inviting curators to your Channel or Channels. 

The first way to invite Curators to your channel is over the Organisation:

Go to Users and click on "ADD PEOPLE"

Then a Formular will open where you need to:

Enter the email adress from the User

Enter the Name of the User (Optional)

Decide which Role the User should have:

You can give the Users access to all Channels or only one.

To finish the invite process you need to click on "ADD READER" or click on generate code if you like to get the logins and to send them yourself.

With this option you can invite Users to several Channels or only one. But if you are into the channel and you don't want to lose time to move out of the channel to do the invitation into the Channel itself. Here comes the second way: 

Another way to invite 'Curators' is over the channel dashboard:

From your profile page, choose the channel you wish to invite a curator to join.
From that channel, choose "Curators" in left navigation then click on "+ ADD A CURATOR".
Choose from the dropdown menu the role you want to assign the curator: Editor or Admin. Only an Admin role can manage curators, change their role, add and delete.
Fill in the curator's name and email address and then click on "INVITE".
Your invite will arrive to their email inbox instantly.
You can see the status of the invite as "PENDING" with the option to "resend invite".
From the invited curator's email inbox, they can accept your invite by clicking on the "Go To Channel" button where they can then register their login details (Email and a Password) and join your channel to start contributing content.
If a curator is already logged in to another channel, they just need to pull down the screen in the app to refresh and the new channel will be added to their channel list.
To switch channels, go to "Menu" and then "Switch Channels" in the app, where you will see your channel list to choose from.

Example: The email invitation you sent to your chosen curator to join a channel to contribute content, looks like this:

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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