How can I hide a Mix from the Main Newsfeed of the App?

Now with tchop, you can select which content to show on the main feed of the app. In other words, you can hide any mix in your channel from the Newsfeed of the app. The cards in the Mix will still be accessible to the users in the app via the Mix tab but it will not be visible in the main feed of the app. Follow this simple steps:

While creating a new mix:

Click on '+ MIX'
Enter the required fields. To know more about how to create a new mix, check out here: What is a MIX and how do I create them?

As per default, newly set up mixes are displayed in the newsfeed of the app. To fade out newly added mixes from the newsfeed, please uncheck the box "Display Mix in Newsfeed" under "Preferences". In case you want to keep the content of the mix displayed in the newsfeed of the app, leave the box checked.
Click 'Save'

For an existing mix:

Go to the Mix which you want to hide and click 'Edit Mix'
In order to fade out content of an exisiting mix from the newsfeed of the app, please uncheck the option "Display Mix in Newsfeed" under "Preferences" within the Mix edit-mode. If you want to fade in a mix within the newsfeed of the app, please check the box at "Display Mix in Newsfeed". All content cards of the mix sort in at the newsfeed according to their timestamps.
Click 'Save'

If the check box beside 'Display this mix in feed' (under preferences) is activated then the cards from the mix will be visible in the Main news feed of the app, otherwise not.
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