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Different chat groups

With tchop™ you can combine content and a secure chat in a simple new way and benefit from a wide range of opportunities. In your own branded app. Under your control. Without any IT integration needed.

There are 4 types of chat that a Channel Admin or an Organisation Admin/Owner can create:

Direct message chat: Direct chat or 1:1 chat are chats between 2 people. By default, this chat is created at an organisation level, meaning once created the chat will be available throughout every channel of the organisation. The direct chat cannot be deleted or hidden after it is created.

Private group chat: Private chat groups on tchop are a great way to chat with multiple users at once, while having control over who can join . Private chat groups are closed group which can be created among any number of people of the channel/organisation. By default, private group chats are created at the channel level. The only way to join a private group chat is through invite.

Public group chat: Public group chat is an open chat group, meaning any user of the channel can join, read and write in that chat group unless restricted. Public group chat is a great way to get feedback from or discuss important topics among your channel users in real-time. By default, public group chats are created at the channel level.

All can read group chat: All can read group chat is another type of public group chats where all users of the channel can join, read and follow the discussion in the chat but only the invited participants of the chat group have the permission to write. This kind of group chats are very useful at times when you want to share certain important information in real time among the user of your channels. By default, All can read group chats are created at the channel level.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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