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Can you host tchop on your own server?

The fundamental difference between cloud and on-premises software is where the software resides. On-premises software is installed locally and resides on your company's computers and servers. Cloud software, on the other hand, is hosted on your chosen provider's server and accessed through a web browser. At tchop, you basically have the choice between both options.

We generally recommend our cloud solution, as it involves less implementation effort and gives you a lot of freedom through the hosting provider of your choice (AWS or Hetzner). Nevertheless, an on-premise installation on a server of your company is also possible.

For on-premise installation, your server must at least meet these technical requirements:

mysql db (rds) - db.m4.xlarge
requirements: memory - 16 GB, network -750 Mbit/s CPU - 4
Average load: CPU 30%, Mem: 80%

node host (ec2) - m5.xlarge
requirements: memory -16 GB, network - Up to 10 Gbps, CPU - 4
Average load: CPU 20%, Mem: 70%

The node host contains:

- redis
- nginx
- frontends
- backend and
- Typesense services

For updates on the server we need protected access (via white listed IP and SSH for example).

Technical and organizational details can and should be coordinated at an early stage. Depending on the scope and technical conditions, on-premise installations lead to additional costs.

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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